Video: Student Dies after Brutal Birthday Bumps

An IMM student died on his birthday and the reason will shock you. On his birthday party, a group of his friends gave birthday bumps to him and the side effects have killed the innocent soul. He suffered from stomach ache and pancreas damage which lead to his death.

Of course, newborn baby's first cry is considered as a good omen. And, during the time of birth, the doctor would generally hit the baby on his bumps to make him cry. However, this tradition went on to become harsh. The birthday bumps nowadays are more brutal than ever.

This is not the first time we see deaths caused by bumps. Earlier, several cases have been come to notice and in spite of that, people fail to understand their adverse effects. In this case, the intentions of friends were said to be good. But thing turned out unexpected.

The fun went so far that the boy had to endure crushing his organs to death. Earlier, IIT-Bombay had to ban birthday bumps completely from the campus after a boy died. This tradition gesture is said to have to cross the line in today's generation. In order to avoid such untoward accidents, it is important to bring awareness to teenagers. The video which went viral shows a brutal way of celebrating the boy's birthday.
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